Q.  Just how 'personalised' is a Letter?
Each Letter is created specifically for your child, using the information provided by you, on the order form.
Q.  What does a Letter From Santa Include?
Our letters are printed on North Pole stationery and signed by Santa himself! Enclosed with each letter is a special surprise - Christmas stickers, tattoos, Reindeer food (oats & sugar sprinkles), an activity booklet, Christmas pencil or other similar small items.
Q.  How much does a Letter From Santa cost and what payment methods do you accept?
Letters are $10.00 each (cost includes postage & surprise) & payment can be made by:-
KeenKiwi Enterprises Ltd
55 Shackleton Street
New Brighton
Christchurch 8061
bank transfer/deposit:
KeenKiwi Enterprises Ltd
02 0863 0000575 097 (remove last 0 if a 2 digit suffix is required)
New Brighton branch
credit card via PayPal:
email address to use is tracey@keenkiwi.co.nz
Q.  I have more than 1 child. Will my children receive different Letters?
Most definitely! We make sure that letters being mailed to the same address (or ordered by the same person for different addresses) are different. They will also be on different stationary.
Q.  When will my Letter(s) be posted?
Letters will be mailed by the second Tuesday in December, so they should arrive in plenty of time.
Q.  What if my child's Letter doesn't arrive?
If the Letter has not been received by the third Monday in December, please email us so we can send out a replacement Letter.
Q.  How safe is my personal information?
All information is kept confidential, only used to write the letters, and never shared with anyone.

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